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We never said this would be easy
After a certain point, she stops asking about the scars.
She stops asking about the divots in his shoulders, the white lines peeking through the sunburn he got when they went to the beach last weekend. She stops asking, so he stops having to make up lies or shrugging and saying I was too young, I don’t remember.
Instead, she makes up her own little stories behind each one—the one on the side of his left knee he got from falling off a cherry red bike when he was six rather than having been gouged at by an angry ghoul, the ones in the creases of his elbows come from participating in blood drives in high school rather than the too many IVs he doesn’t tell her about. The jagged mark on his hip comes from a fence he and his brother once climbed on the way to a pond behind the cabin his family rented one summer rather than having been thrown through a window by an angry spirit while said brother dug up its bones to burn. (There are scars of puckered burn marks dottin
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Watch the night go up in smoke
Watch the night go up in smoke
Dean forgets the tape’s sitting in the deck until it blasts through the speakers and startles Sam back into consciousness. His hands reach up to clench around nothing as he gives a shocked cry that probably sounded more like an elephant having a conniption and Dean is once again socked in the gut with the realization that his brother is not totally, one-hundred percent there.
He curses and the Impala swerves minutely, churning up gravel at the side of the road and then spitting up dirt by the time he manages to force it onto the shoulder. They end up parked haphazardly and he would’ve been more concerned with the idea of someone swinging around the bend and rear-ending him, but he has half-broken little brother to worry about for the time being.
Besides, it’s four in the morning and they were on the back roads in between Where the Hell Did We Just Come From and Where the Hell are We Going.
Jesus H. Christ, Sam. His breath
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 11
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Eleven:
"We need a plan of attack!"
Steve Rogers
The Prince of Thunder calmly awoke that morning with a wall of windows gently filtering in sunlight and let out a slow breath before grinning to himself and rolling out of bed.
Literally. Like just-fell-off-the-bed-and-hit-the-floor rolled out of bed.
That put a bit of a damper on his mood, but Thor wasn't going to allow himself to be so easily swayed, instead picking himself up off of the floor, nodding to the ceiling in response to JARVIS' inquiry of his well-being and decided that it was presumably more appropriate to don some clothing before he ended up leaving his chambers—guest room, guest room, Tony had called it, evidently not too find of having to share his living quarters with someone who wasn't Pepper—in his current shirtless state.
No shirt, no shoes, no service, Clint had muttered the first time he'd accidentally run into the half-naked dem
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 10
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Ten:
"Not gonna be that subtle."
Pepper Potts
If she was perfectly honest with herself, there was really nothing in the world that Virginia Potts despised more than paperwork.
Well, there were numerous other things she really wasn't that fond of, but spending the past three hours sorting through a heaping stack of it had never really been the bane of her existence.
It made it more bearable to say that it was all Tony's fault.
Pepper found herself re-reading the same paragraph for the umpteenth time before she finally chanced a glance up at Natasha seated opposite her on the divan with her own pile of paperwork, each sheet watermarked with the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo as she most likely went through their mission report from the Chitauri invasion or whatever it was that the organization did.
Turning back to her own mountain of papers on the couch beside her, the woman chewed at her lip for a moment as she internally debating with hers
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Avengers: All in Good Faith - 1
all in good faith
ch. 1: the theogony
"You're kidding me," was the first thing Clint Barton said, plopping himself down in the briefing room and sprawling himself across his seat as best he could. Not bothering to stifle a yawn and the disgruntled mask he wore, he slumped back against the headrest as the only thing his tired mind could focus on was how long he'd been going without sleep and how pointless this current discussion was.
His superior, Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division—they really did need to work on that mouthful of a name—Agent Phil Coulson returned the annoyed look he was receiving with one that was just as professionally indifferent, watching with subtle bemusement as the incredulity spread across Agent Barton's face. He managed to withhold a chuckle.
"No, I'm not kidding," he repeated for the third time, it having been the continual response to the man's initial outburst. His stance hardly wavered as Clint let out a groan and leaned back
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 9
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Nine:
"At this point I doubt anything would surprise me."
Steve Rogers
Natasha had briefly caught a discussion about tampons coming from the men in the other room and decided to save her sanity and go check on Clint. It was just part of her routine, she told herself. She just needed to keep an eye on him because he was still unstable after everything with Loki and it was nothing more than that.
Thor's remark yesterday had been nothing more than one of his half-brained assumptions (alright, perhaps not so half-brained, but damn his observations) and it had meant nothing.
The master assassin was contemplating why she was letting the thought of her relationship with her partner bother her even as she nudged his bedroom door open as quietly as possible so as not to disturb him. There was a moment of relief when she found him still dead to the world, flopped across the bedspread and nestled contentedly in his nest. The faint traces of a smile
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and thus we went adventuring. by jinx-lin and thus we went adventuring. :iconjinx-lin:jinx-lin 6 30
Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 8
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Eight:
"Not a great plan."
Tony Stark
Tony Stark was in the kitchen. As if that wasn't already bad enough, Tony Stark was in the kitchen trying to cook.
Steve watched him bop around a hot stove poking at the eggs sizzling away in a pan with equal parts apprehension and dread. He hardly withheld the urge to wince when Stark shoved his spatula beneath the yokes with an ungodly scraping sound before he promptly flipped them to expose their browning underbellies. Now Steve might not have possessed a great deal of finesse himself when it came to the kitchen, but this was just. . .sad.
Tony had already managed to burn half a dozen eggs and knock most of the other half on the floor, singe off some of Bruce's arm-hair, almost squash the banana Natasha had been peeling into her face and break three different coffee mugs, to which Thor had responded with a well-if-he's-allowed-to-then-why-can't-I face.
Steve just sat back and kept out of
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 7
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Seven:
"I think we need to time-out."
Agent Phil Coulson
Clint had gone to bed at nine-thirty and was still lying awake at one in the morning, staring at the ceiling with nothing but his mind and broken images of such terrible things to break the monotony.
For the third time in the past five minutes he twisted onto his side—his back didn't overly appreciate the maneuver—in an attempt to find a more comfortable sleeping position and swiftly punched his pillow as hard as he damn well could. In his humble opinion, the thing was too fluffy and soft and squishy and cuddly and nice. The whole tower was too nice, really. Too clean. It wasn't that Clint was a slob and couldn't stand the too pristine nature, but rather that he preferred some dirt and grit—something to make it feel more lived-in or homely or more realistic. He didn't mind the cleanliness too much, but its pure stark nature (oh ha ha, he just got that
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 6
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Six:
"What just happened? Please tell me nobody kissed me."
Tony Stark
The look on Tony Stark's face was rather priceless. A bit more than just a little terrified, but still priceless.
In all honesty, Natasha had never seen such a mortified expression on the billionaire—granted, he'd looked none-too-thrilled with the palladium that had been poisoning him the first time she'd met him, but she had to admit that he possessed a pretty good poker face since he'd only ever appeared to her more uncertain than terrified.
But that was nothing compared to the paled features of the man that had once talked his way out of more than one scrape.
Then again, those 'scrapes' hadn't involved telling Pepper's father that she couldn't talk on the phone because she and Tony were too busy having sex. First time for everything, apparently.
Natasha couldn't help but let a small smirk slip out at the way Iron Man winced at the unholy glare from hi
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That's why her hair's so big by jinx-lin That's why her hair's so big :iconjinx-lin:jinx-lin 21 8
Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 5
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Five:
"This is nothing we ever trained for."
Natasha Romanoff
"I don't get it," Steve managed to mumble after a few tense moments, once again garnering the attention of the others reclining in the darkened room. There was a collective, exasperated sigh at his general ignorance for the time being. It wasn't that they were fed up with him exactly—well, Tony was different story, but even then it was all in good fun—, but they weren't too thrilled with their current situation either.
Pepper had ventured off to some meeting or other to deal with Stark Industries' CEO's latest expenditure, and quite frankly Tony was just a little insulted at the note that had been left for the gang after they'd gotten out of their respective showers, letting them know that she was going out and to call if they needed anything (he was fine with that, sure, but the last bit was what got him) while also making sure to add: Tony is NOT allowe
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 4
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Four:
"Is everything a joke to you?"
"Funny things are."
Steve Rogers & Tony Stark
Doing the clean-up after a given mission was not exactly the highlight of Clint Barton's day, and he made it quite clear with the way he treated the remaining bodies of the Chitauri army he'd had a hand in decimating.
Of course, he wasn't going to be verbal about it. Instead he was just going to help Tasha strip them of their armor and weapons while Thor and the good Captain dragged their bodies off to a supposedly unimposing truck to cart them off to some S.H.I.E.L.D. laboratory where they'd be studied. Or whatever.
Except, y'know, most trucks weren't driven by guys in suits and sunglasses and talking into ear pieces.
Clint had, essentially, made it a point not to questions too many things when it came to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s operations—he got his mission, did his job, and got three hots and a cot for it—, but ever since his run-in with Mr.-I
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Avengers: Strawberries + Shawarma - 3
Strawberries & Shawarma
—Chapter Three:
"You and I remember Budapest very differently. . ."
Clint Barton
He was falling.
He was falling and he was lonely and he was falling and—
Tony Stark was not typically the early riser, and the fact that he had awoken before Pepper left him baffled and debating whether he'd actually come back through that black hole or was still floating through space with everything exploding around him. Slight movement from the woman tucked into his side as he contemplated this was enough to jostle him from his stupor and he found himself smirking at the light frown that tugged at her mouth from his shifting around.
He'd been about to tilt his head and plant a small kiss to her forehead (just because he could) when he realized how much everything hurt.
Damn. Everything did hurt. He couldn't remember having been so sore before, even after donning the first Iron Man suit built out of a box of scraps. Or maybe a few of those one-
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Bruce Banner's Nine Circles of Hell.
The First Circle:
From the moment he sets foot on the Helicarrier they're all smiles and lies, which in a sick way is almost okay with him because he wouldn't have expected much else.
To put it extremely mildly, Bruce Banner is not a people person.
He does not make it a point in life to seek out large gatherings of people, nor does he ever make it a point to exist in one place long enough to leave a lasting imprint of a name and face in the middle of nowhere with people that will hardly ever give him a second glance. And he likes it that way.
He likes the freewill but hates the freedom.
And so he sits and waits in the wide open expanse of Wherever He Is Right Now, British Columbia, Canada for that Great Big Something because sitting around trying to meditate with the Jolly Green Giant roiling around in the back of his mind isn't exactly making things simple.
Instead, Bruce brews another cup of tea, takes a sip, burns his tongue and decides that he doesn't exactly like this tea.
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Avengers: 1,001 Ways to Say Good-Bye
1,001 Ways to Say Good-Bye
"He hadn't suffered the eternity of the ring about to be picked up, didn't know the heart rush of hearing that incomparable voice suddenly linked with his own, the sense it gave of being too close to even see her, of being actually inside her ear."― Jeffrey Eugenides, The Virgin Suicides
It's not supposed to be this hard. He's just supposed to pick up the phone, dial her number and let things go from there.
You're really not supposed to say good-bye unless you plan on never seeing one another again because saying good-bye is too final.
It's the only fully coherent thought that comes to mind as Bruce Banner stands alone (surrounded by unwitting pedestrians) on a cool sidewalk and presses the receiver of a lonely payphone to his itching ear while a hundred (an exaggeration; it's more like twelve) different scenarios flash through his mind. Knuckles crack and flex around the cheap plastic as he tries to just calm his mind and th
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How goes it, y'all?


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